Hot Cell for 68Ga

Our Isolator has been designed for the use of PET peptides and radiometals. The 5 cm lead shielding is calculated for the right protection with commonly used gamma irradiations. To give also the optimal protection to beta irradiation a 15mm methacrylate shielding was added.

The internal methacrylate isolation door allows a wide view of the working area and an easy mounting of cassettes on the synthesizers under a Class A environment.

The Class B Ga-68 Generators pre-chamber is connected to the Class A working area through a multi-diameter sealing flange, allowing to connect till to 4 pipes. The chamber was foreseen to take up to 2 generators.

The Class A working area and Class B pre-chambers have a negative pressure with a higher depression in Class B to preserve the product sterility and the environment radioprotection.

Touch-Screen Control Panel allows to view and to control all isolator parameters and functions, including depressions, radioactivity level, dose calibrator vial/syringe lift, side pre-chamber door, automatic shelf between pre-chamber and working area.

Analog differential pressure indicators are redundant visualization for quick check of depressions.

External pedal controls are redundant controls for easy and quick operation with hands full.