PET-AlphaSy Project

Looking for PhD fellows in Organic Chemistry / Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry at Elysia-Raytest and the Cyclotron Research Centre (CRC) of the University of Liege (BE)

Elysia has joined the Rad4Med

The Rad4 Med is The Belgian Network for Radiation Applications in Healthcare.

Small deal for IBA, huge step for Elysia

Small deal for IBA, huge step for Elysia


”Your partner to ensure radio-pharmaceutical quality to fight more effectively against cancer”

Elysia is a provider of LIMS, chromatography and quality control systems to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and nuclear/PET industries.

We design, manufacture, sell and service instruments used in radioactivity measurement  and quality control. We work in close collaboration with radiopharmaceutical and cyclotron providers to develop new products and improve existing solutions.

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