GAIA V2 is the second generation of our GAIA synthesis unit. GAIA V2 is a synthesis unit for the labelling of peptides such as DOTATOC or PSMA with radioactive metals (e.g. 68Ga). Software and operations are optimized to provide the fast, simple and intuitive production of common radio tracers.

GAIA V2 is compatible with the labelling kits and methods of the GAIA.

This enhancement has been designed to reduce the instruments size and so save and optimize hot cell space.

The door has been replaced by an easily removable splash plate for easy handling and cleaning. All components in contact with reagents are part of single use kit to avoid cross or bacterial contaminations and to fulfill GMP demands. Thanks to the economized applications of readily available single-use materials, the running costs are minimized.

Gaia V2_closed_l


GAIA V2 is de tweede generatie van onze GAIA-synthese-eenheid. GAIA V2 is een synthese-eenheid voor het labelen van peptiden zoals DOTATOC of PSMA met radioactieve metalen (bijvoorbeeld 68Ga). Software en bewerkingen zijn geoptimaliseerd...

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