Since 1980, Raytest has been specialized in radioactivity detection in all applications of chromatography.

Today Elysia-raytest continues with this tradition. Our entire R&D team is focussed on the development and improvement of solutions for the measurement of radioactivity.

We develope our own detectors and software, integrating instruments from known brands to achieve the best solutions with outstanding performances for a wide range of applications using radioactivity.

Our systems are used in numerous fields such as:

- Analysis and detection of C-14 labelled compounds in pharmaceutical R&D.

- H-3 , P-33, P-32, S-35, and Cl-36 detection in agrochemical R&D or basic research application.

- Tc-99m,  I-125, I-131,  F-18, Ga-68, C-11 chemistry labelled compounds in nuclear medicine for

   diagnostics, or therapy.

In addition to the general application of QC and analysis, we propose systems for radioprotection and area monitoring.

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