Dose calibrator

Well type Dose Calibrator / Ionization Chamber / activimeter for measurement of total activity

Our dose calibrator is designed for the fast and accurate determination of the activity or volume activity of radiopharmaceuticals.
The well-type ionisation chamber can be used for all potential applications in nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical production. 
The dose calibrator is PC-based and comes with a control and evaluation software. The system is used in nuclear medicine for diagnostics and therapy, it is calibrated for most common radionuclides, including the RSO nuclides (Y-90, Er-169, Re-186) and the PET nuclides (e.g. F-18, I-124).

The measurement geometry is almost 4Pi. Background is automatically measured and compensated. Absolute activity is automatically calculated for more than 30 nuclides.

The system has a USB connection and the software is taking in account influencing factors for containers (e.g. syringe, eluate bottle, capsule) and contents.
The dose calibrator is a certified medical device class II b.