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The QC-Cubicle is an all-in-one Quality Control lab for the production of radiopharmaceutics.
This is the new generation of QC lab. It will save time, space and increase safety.

The basic system contains the entire hardware needed for the Quality Control of 18F-FDG according to the European Pharmacopoeia. It can be easily extended or modified to other tracers.

It has been designed to save space and to ensure optimal workflows. The customer can perform a complete QC in a lab space of less than 2m2. The intuitive user interface and large touch screen makes using it a real pleasure.

All built-in instruments are high-end products with full functionality. Each instrument can be used in a stand-alone manner. This ensures a very powerful yet flexible solution which keeps you open for additional tracers in case of eventual changes in regulations.
Additional shielding and integrated waste-control significantly increase the radiation protection compared to standard QC solutions.
The large UPS ensures that the QC goes uninterrupted - even in the event of a power failure.

Furthermore, the gas needs as well as the connections have been optimized to ensure the easy installation and maintenance of the system in order to reduce costs.

All our QC-Cubicles are delivered with Gina X and Sara as basic LIMS solution. For an advanced laboratory management system including stock and document management all our QC-Cubicals can be delivered with the BIOTRAX LIMS Solution. BIOTRAX LIMS  will handle SOPs, instruments, data, results, consumables, workflows, documentation, and resources.

The QC-Cubicle acquires, records & reports the results of each individual instrument.

It will help you save time, simplify user interactions via automated workflows that guide users through lab processes and increase radiation protection.

We propose different QC-Cubicles optimized for dedicated radio pharmaceutics, however all of them can be extended with additional modules for the use of other tracers.