Software releases

Gina X

Gina 10.4 SP5

[GINA-1154] - User Role Without Permission to Modify Methods Can Select Methods With “Inactive” Status
[GINA-1198] - Data Synchronisation Issue Between File Catalogue and Database Catalogue
[GINA-1201] - User Role With "Evaluation" Permission Not Reported
[GINA-1202] - Deactivated Windows Users (in Gina) Can Start a Station
[GINA-1204] - Current Application Version Not Recorded in Measurement File Metadata
[GINA-1205] - Peak Names Sorted Chronological Vs. Numerical Order for DE Regional Settings
[GINA-1206] - Special Characters in Comments for Legacy Application Not Interpreted in File Catalogue
[GINA-1207] - Slow Performance of "Print" Function in Stack View Module
[GINA-1208] - "Save As" Feature Displays a Warning Message
[GINA-1209] - "Parsing Error" Thrown When Accessing 3D Spectral Analysis Module
[GINA-1223] - Energy Spectrum Not Created in Operating Systems with Non-EN Regional Settings
[GINA-1225] - Measurement Files Are Stored in Database for Runs in "Preview" Mode
[GINA-1226] - Acquisition Method Name Replaced by Username in Audit Trail for Automatic Integration
[GINA-1232] - Display Actively Connected Users and Stations Upon Restart of Web Service
[GINA-1246] - Sporadic Error Message Thrown for "Copy/Paste" Icon in Intermediate Reporting Window
[GINA-1248] - Unconventional "Overwrite" Prompt Thrown for File "Save" Button
[GINA-1250] - Correction of Specified Processing Tools/Keyboard Shortcuts in "Live View" Module
[GINA-1252] - Backdoor to Bypass Authentication & Access Certain Administrator Profile Privileges
[GINA-1188] - Audit Trail Records Original Measurement File Name Instead of Current One
[GINA-1228] - Automatic Text Wrapping for Cells in Database Measurement Catalogue
[GINA-1241] - Extend License Management to (GITA and RITA) Star and PoMo Nova Devices
[GINA-1244] - Create Dependency Between Elysia Web Service and SQL Server
[GINA-1249] - Duplicate Specified Tools in Toolbar Ribbon and Context Menu to "Region" Tab
New Feature
[GINA-1227] - Diagnostics Module for Collection of Log Files and System Data