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GAIA is a synthesis unit for the labeling of peptides such as DOTATOC or PSMA with radioactive metals (e.g. 68Ga). The software and operations were optimized with regards to a fast, simple and intuitive production of common radio tracers. A large list of specific methods ad synthesis kits is available and new methods can easily be adapted.

With its compact design, electrical connections reduced to a minimum and smooth surface, the device is easy to handle and to clean. All components in contact with reagents are part of single use kit to avoid cross or bacterial contaminations and to fulfill GMP demands. Thanks to the economized applications of single-use materials which are easily available, the running costs for the user are minimized.

- Short synthesis time for less yield loss due to decay

- No need of gases

- High performance thermoelectric module for faster and efficient labelling and automatic yield determination

- Multiple radio detectors to enhance labelling process and efficiency

- Integrated filter integrity test to reduce QC costs

- Simple and robust mechanics to reduce down times and maintenance costs

- Complete set of validated GMP kits.

- Compliant for GMP production with user access control and audit trail,

- Predefined methods

- Barcode reader and color-coded connections

are only some features of GAIA-GMP tools